Zentangle Products For Sale in Australia. With PayPal

Zentangle products for sale in Australia.......with PayPal

If you have any questions please email me on (pabmab4@bigpond.com)

Zentangle Kit 

The kit includes:
34 square white paper tiles
2 Pigma Micron 01 black pens
2 mini Zentangle pencils
1 pencil sharpener
1 tortillion smudger
Instruction book
Zentangle legend and Icosahedron

$70.00 AUD plus $8.00 postage 
Sorry....Out of stock until end of March 

Blank Zentangle Tiles

Pack of 55 blank tiles
Each tile is custom die-cut from mould made acid free
 100% heavy weight fine artist paper.
$33.00 AUD plus $4.00 postage

Today I Will Tangle
By Michele Beauchamp

Today I Will Tangle is an inspirational book combining Zentangle Inspired Art
and my poem Today.
Size: 21.5 cm x 15cm light and easy to carry.
48 pages (including cover)
$2.50 of each book will be donated to a small village in Kayin State, Myanmar. 
$15.00 AUD  free postage  


  1. Thank you so much Michelle, my kit has arrived safe and sound. Very excited about starting.
    Ros H

  2. Hi Shelly,
    First -love your work! It's so dynamic and inspiring! I'm contacting you to find out about purchasing the newly released black pre-strung zendala tiles that I just saw in Rick and Maria's newsletter. ... do you have any or will you be getting some? If you could, can you please let me know at smkey78@gmail.com?

  3. Black Zendala Sets are on their way!

  4. Hi Shelly,
    I too am interested in the black tiles....any idea of when they are arriving. I am also interested in the blank Zendala tiles [no strings]; am I going to be lucky enough to be able to purchase these off you too; hopfully at the same time....I do hope so.
    Look forward to your response.


  5. Yes Eliene, I can help you with both, please send me an email
    I will send a PayPal invoice.

    The Black Zendala Set is $32.00 (AUD)
    Blank black 25 tiles $25.00 (AUD)

  6. Hi Shelley
    Is the following included in the kit sold in Australia? "A group of tangles to be selected with a random number generator. In our Zentangle Kit we include a Legend of 20 tangles and an icosahedron die with 20 numbered sides. Roll the icosahedron and draw the tangle that corresponds with the number. You don't have to think about which tangle to do next"... I am keen to get started and would like maximum product for my $.

  7. Yes, everything you mention is included.

  8. Thanks for your class at the rotary art show today Michelle. Loved it. Lynn.

    1. Thanks Lynn, the whole weekend was a treat!

  9. I was wondering if I could get the calendar from you ?

  10. Hi, I am also wondering if the Tangle-a-day calendars are available in Australia. I was quoted $50+ postage by the publisher!

  11. Sorry, I am in the same situation, postage adds so much more to the price. The calendar is by Carole Ohl and not an official Zentangle product so I would have to buy too many to bring the price down, it's to much money for me to out lay.

  12. Thanks for your prompt reply re calendar ...love your work.

  13. Hi Shelly, I see in one of the packs available there is a zentangle legend. Can these be bought separately? If so, how much with postage?

  14. Hi Chrissie, sorry but the legend is only available in the Zentangle kit.

  15. Hi Michele,
    Just a quick question; do you sell the Zenstones and the Sakura Pigma Graphic 1 pens???

    1. Hi Gunnel, yes but I am out of stock so will order more next month.

  16. Hi Michelle, my starter pack has arrived safe and sound and it has been the best thing ever! What a joy to draw in such a way, I am amazed at what is an end result and how relaxed I am when doing it. Absolutely and totally hooked! :)

    1. Glad you are happy, welcome to the best addiction.!

  17. Id like to buy some single microns but there was nowhere that said BUY NOW. If you could let me know how to order please.
    Thanks Anne marks

  18. Just noticed your email, so Ill write to that. Ta

  19. Hi Michele, will you be selling the new tiles, Opus at some stage, or is the only possibility to get them, to order from the US??

  20. Yes Gunnel, I have ordered the Opus tiles, they should be here about the middle of Dec.
    All going well with postage delivery will be before Christmas.

  21. I'm really interested in learning how to Zentangle, but the high cost of the supplies, especially for a beginner who is also a pensioner, is very offputting. Can you suggest any alternatives until I work out whether I can do this, especially for keeping copies of the step-by-step process for tangles as I learn them, because I presume a tangle is not 3 1/2 inches square. Are there any templates for making my own tiles available anywhere, perhaps, and where is the best place in Australia by grid notebooks for me to practice on while I'm first learning, please?

    1. Hi Christine
      Our supplies are quite expensive at the moment because of the low Aussie dollar. I would love to chat to you on the phone so if you like send me an email with your phone number.....(mobile if you have one) and a good time to ring you I am happy to help with ideas. my email.......pabmab4@bigpond.com

  22. Hi Shelley,

    I'd like to order some coloured pens and wondered if all the colours are back in stock? Also wondering if you have any packs of tortillons. Thanks,


  23. Hi Gyps, in 01 pens I have blue, pink, red, green, light brown and black. 05 - light green, dk green, dk blue, light brown, dk brown and black, also black in 03. Yes also a pack of tortillions - $7.00

  24. Hi Shelly

    Your gorgeous book arrived yesterday and made me very happy! Thank you so much - it is truly inspirational and I love it. I also love the cute little book mark too!

  25. Hi Michelle, do you sell the black and renaissance tiles? I have just paid for the white tiles tonight. Regards

  26. Hi, Michelle, do you sell white apprentice tiles? I only need a pack of 10 if possible?